Auger boring can be defined as a method of boring beneath the earth’s surface by means of a jack and a bore. It works by simultaneously jacking the casing pipe while the rotating augers remove the excavated soil. See Video 


The auger boring process, as with all trenchless drilling, reduces the likelihood of ground settlement because the steel casing pipe is inserted into the hole as it is excavated. This makes auger boring useful for installing utilities under railroad tracks, roads and levies where settlement is a concern. See Video

  • Used in a variety of soil conditions where minimal settlement is critical
  • Can be used for pipes from 12 inches to 84 inches
  • The pipe supports the ground around the excavation during the boring process
  • Spoils are removed by the continuous auger action back to the work pit
  • Auger boring is a dry method, producing no slurry
  • Goes under surface obstructions such as buildings, roads and railroads
  • The work area is confined to the starting and ending pits
  • Auger boring is a quick method and in many cases has lower overall costs